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Rules for premises

Type: Regulation
Responsible: Planning Office
Area: Buildings, IT, environment and security
Reference number: FS 1.1-1955-19
Valid: 2021-01-01- Until further notice
Decided by: Vice-Chancellor
Established: 2020-12-22
Replaces document: Rules for Notice Boards, Activities, etc. at Umeå University (UMU 102-2845-08) decided by the Vice-Chancellor on 6 May 2008. Dogs at the Workplace (Journal reg. no. is missing) decision by the Vice-Chancellor on 21 October 1971. Regarding the presence of children in premises of the University’s institutions (2054/79 F10) decided by the University Board 23 May 1979 Rule concerning events with alcohol being served in the University’s premises during evenings and weekends (FS 1.1.2-484-14) decided by the Vice-Chancellor on 24 March 2014. Policy for a Smoke-Free Work Environment at Umeå University (UMU 102-241-07) adopted by the Vice-Chancellor 30 January 2007.