Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 21 October 2020)

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Legal framework

The regulations at Umeå University consist of all university common governing documents. These control documents should be categorized as a rule, procedure, plan or policy and determined by decision of the principal or university board.

This webpage is temporary and aims to collect all university-based governing documents. A new regulatory web site with increased availability, user friendliness and searchability is under development and will be launched shortly.

Buildings, IT, Environment and Safety

IT security plan (Plan, 100-3305-10)

Liability agreement (Regulation, 100-3315-10)

Policy for the Use of Social Media in the Name of Umeå University (Policy, 1.1-991-15)

Regulation E-mail service (Regulation, FS 1.1.2-1106-14)

Regulations for the use of IT resources (Regulation, 100-3304-10)

Rules for premises (FS 1.1-1955-19)

Decision structure, delegation and organisation

Language Policy for Umeå University

Regulation - Vice Chancellor's decision-making and delegation procedure for Umeå University

Doctoral Education, Third Cycle Education

Admission regulations for doctoral education at Umeå University (Regulation, FS 1.1-243-18)

Procedure for the withdrawal of resources from doctoral students at Umeå University (Code of rules and procedures , UmU 500-1981-13)

Regulations for doctoral education at Umeå University (Regulation, FS 1.1-279-18)

Quality system for education

First- and Second-Cycle Education

Administrative procedures - disciplinary matters (Code of rules and procedures, FS 1.1-1020-17)

Costs for Students at Umeå University – Rules and Guidelines (Regulation, 500-781-13)

Policy document for transfer of credits at first and second cycles (Code of rules and procedures , FS 1.1–501-15)

Policy document for written exams (Code of rules and procedures , FS 1.1.2-784-14)

Procedure for support for students with disabilities (Code of rules and procedures , FS 1.1–2118-16)

Regulations for Student Influence at Umeå University (Regulation, FS 1.1-1950-15)

Regulatory and quality management system for first- and second-cycle education at Umeå University (Regulation, FS 1.1-220-17)

Rules for grades and examination at first and second cycle studies

Rules and guidelines for written exams (Regulation, FS 1.1.2-784-14)

Rules for placements and study visits at Umeå University (Regulation, 500-1021-13)

Rules for programme syllabi in first- and second-cycle educaion (Regulation, FS 1.1-142-19)

Rules for unofficial documents regarding the completion of study programmes (Regulation, FS 1.1-1737-15)

Umeå University's internationalisation strategy for education (Policy, FS 1.1.1. - 284-14)

Quality system for education

Human Resources, Equal Opportunities and Work Environment

Administrative Procedures for Status as Affiliated Professor Emeritus/Emerita (Code of rules and procedures , FS 1.1-86-18)

Appointments procedure for teachers at Umeå University from 1 January 2019 (Regulation, FS 1.1-1672-18)

List of new Swedish and English title names related to the Appointments procedure for teachers, from 1 January 2020

Appointments procedure for teachers at Umeå University until 31 December 2019 (Regulation, FS 1.1-1672-18)

Procedure for the acquisition of educational qualifications at Umeå University (Code of rules and procedures, FS 1.1-1391-20)

Regulation for Associate Senior Lecturer in the Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine (WCMM) programme (Regulation, FS 1.1-1208 -16)

Rules for reporting secondary employment for teachers and employees covered by the Managerial Agreement (Regulation, 300-3114-12)

Rules for scholarships at Umeå University (Rule, FS 1.1-113.19)

Work environment and equal opportunities policy (Policy, FS 1.1-1526-19)


Open Access Policy for scientific publishing at Umeå University (Policy, FS 1.1-911-17)

Decisions as a result of the spread of COVID-19

Decision regarding the 2021 spring semester as a result of COVID-19

Extended validity of decision – Delegation of authority due to COVID-19

Decision regarding the 2020 autumn semester as a result of COVID-19

Deviations from course syllabus to prevent further spreading of COVID-19

Delegering av beslutanderätt med anledning av covid-19 (Only in Swedish)

Instruction for the processing of body fluids and human tissue due to COVID-19

Regel för personal som tillhör riskgrupper samt användande av skyddsutrustning med anledning av covid-19 (Only in Swedish)

Beslut om undantag avseende universitetets publika verksamheter med anledning av covid-19 (Only in Swedish)