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Wellness rules at Umeå University

Type of document: Rule
Office in charge: Human Resources Office
Field: Human Resources, equal opportunities and work environment
Reg. no.: FS 1.1-257-24
Validity: 1 January 2021 until further notice
Approved by: Vice-Chancellor
Date of approval: 2024-02-16
Replaces document: Wellness rules at Umeå University, FS 1.1-1022-19 Rules for fitness reimbursement, FS 1.1-994-18 Fitness and other wellness, reg. no. 200-2573-00 approved by the Vice-Chancellor on 24 April 2011

The wellness rules at Umeå University clarify and establish the rules that apply at Umeå University for wellness in the form of fitness reimbursement, fitness hour and participation in Health on Campus activities.

Wellness rules at Umeå University (135 kB)