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Digital on request

Use our digitisation service to order a digital copy of the library's older books.

Ebooks on demand (EOD)

All books in the library search tool that are printed up to 1930, are now marked with a specific symbol indicating that the book may be requested as a digital copy, provided that copyright and condition allows for it. The book is delivered in pdf format, which may be used everywhere and anywhere. This service is part of the European service Ebooks on demand (EOD) and Umeå University Library is the first library in Sweden to offer this. Digitisation of books is free for employees at Umeå University.

How to order

It is easy to request a book - the ordering system is self-instructional and multilingual. Start by searching for the book in the library search tool. Then click on the EOD symbol to open the order form:


When the form is sent the library will be notified and the scanning is initiated.

Delivery and Payment

Delivery time is estimated at about 10-15 business days. After that, a message will be sent out saying that the book is ready to be paid for and delivered. Payment by debit card or credit card, and then the pdf file will be available for download. If you are employed at Umeå University; in the first steps of the ordering process a price will be shown, but in the very last step the system recognizes that the cost is to be deleted.


The price depends on the size of the book (number of pages). The basic fee is SEK 150 + SEK 1.50/page, as follows:

  • A book comprising 100 pages is SEK 300
  • A book comprising 300 pages is SEK 60

The price is automatically calculated in the order form. A manual examination of the book is always carried out, which may result in a decision not to digitise the book, e.g. on account of the physical condition of the item or the fact that the given price is based on incomplete data in the library catalogue.

The service implies that only the first client pays for the digital copy. After approximately one month the book is freely available and anyone may download it. Check out a few examples of digitised and freely available books here:

Digitised books

Ebooks on demand

Currently around thirty European libraries participate in the eBooks-on-demand (EOD) network. The intent is to make older books available. A joint library catalogue within the network means that tens of millions of books will be easily searchable and accessible for digitisation. The service-wide language support makes it possible to order books from large parts of Europe in Swedish and at a reasonable cost.

Ebooks on demand

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Contact us if you need help with your order.

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Latest update: 2023-01-12