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User conditions for e-resources

Information on how electronic resources such as databases, e-journals and e-books may be used by library patrons. The user conditions may vary depending on whether the material is part of our subscriptions or available under an open access license.

Subscription-based materials

As a library patron, you have subscription-based access to materials such as databases, e-journals and e-books. What our users can do with the materials is regulated in the agreements.

In general, the following apply:

You can:

  • utilise the materials for personal use, pedagogical purposes or research purposes
  • download articles for personal use or to forward to others within Umeå university
  • link to articles, journals and other e-resources – just remember that the receiving party needs to be able to log in to see them
  • compile articles in PDF format in course materials stored in systems that require log in with Umu-id (for example Canvas or Moodle)
  • print single articles or chapters.

You cannot:

  • download entire or massive parts of a database or publication platform in a systematic manner
  • change or plagiarise the work of others
  • put the material to commercial use
  • forward data or articles to webpages or list servers.

Open access materials

In addition to the subscription-based materials e-resources are available open access to be reached through the library information structures. The use of these materials is regulated through the license assigned to it by the copyright holder. Usually, a Creative Commons (CC) license.

Read more about publishing with open access and different types of Creative Commons licences here:

Publish with open access

More information about copyright and agreements

Information about the University's licence agreement with Bonus Copyright Access on how to copy and share copyrighted material for teaching purposes:

Use of copyrighted material in teaching


How you may use texts and images created by others.

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Copyright and open licences when publishing

By knowing your rights, you can disseminate your publication more easily.

Latest update: 2024-05-10