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The Ekström Book Collection

John Ekström (1858 - 1924) was a drawing teacher at Norra Real School in Stockholm. During a 50 year period he created a valuable collection of books on the subject of the teaching of writing and drawing. In addition to books, the collection also includes engravings and lithographs.

The Ekström Book collection was first procured by Svenska skolmuseet. When it closed in 1960 the collection was given to Statens pedagogiska och psykologiska bibliotek. This library was later absorbed by Stockholm University library, which donated the collection to Umeå University Library in 1999.

The books are available for in-library use only.

Listing of the books

A listing of the books has been created by C. Björkbom, assistant librarian at the Royal Library, and a listing of the engraving and lithographs by G. Jungmarker, assistant at the National Museum. Together, they create a printed catalogue in book form:

Listing of John Ekström Book Collection

A selection of this unique book collection is presented in: The Art of writing and drawing. A selection of one hundred books from the Ekström Collection in the National Library for Psychology and Education Stockholm. A descriptive and annotated catalogue of 16th through 18th century rare and important books on calligraphy, perspective architecture, drawing anatomy, colours and related arts, compiled by Ove Hagelin 1987.

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