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Umeå University researchers can publish open access at no cost in a large number of Elsevier journals. Read more about the terms of our agreement with the publisher for 2023 and what it means for you here.

The open access publishing fee has been pre-paid through an agreement between the library and Elsevier. The agreement applies to open access publishing in a large number of hybrid journals in the Science Direct Freedom Collection and Cell Press as well as in Elsevier’s open access journals.

Terms and conditions

  • You must be the corresponding author, i.e. the one handling communication with the publisher and journal.
  • Your Umeå University affiliation must be stated in the published article.
  • Use your university e-mail ending with @umu.se. The e-mail domain is often used to recognize your eligibility.
  • Your article will be published under a CC BY license.
  • Please note that the agreement does not cover any additional charges, such as page charges or charges for colour illustrations.
  • The Lancet family hybrid journals (The Lancet, Lancet Infectious Diseases, Lancet Neurology and Lancet Oncology) are not included in the agreement.

How the publishing process works

Once your manuscript has been accepted, you will receive an e-mail from the publisher with a link to finalize the publication.

  1. Fill out the form “Rights and Access information”. Make sure you select Umeå University as your affiliation.
  2. Approve the publishing option Gold Open Access, “Publish as an Open Access article”.
  3. Choose a Creative Commons license.
  4. Approve the publishing agreement.

Read more about the publishing process on the Elsevier website:

Agreement between Sweden and Elsevier (Bibsam)

Journals included in the agreement

The list of included journals will be subject to smaller changes. The latest, updated information from Elsevier can be found via this link. Search for a specific journal or click “Search” for a full list of included journals.

Elsevier journals included in the agreement

More information and contact

Open access publishing agreements

As a researcher at Umeå University, you can publish open access free of charge in many journals.

Latest update: 2023-01-05