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Research infrastructure

Facilities, installations, databases, knowledge-based resources and other research infrastructures are necessary in order to conduct top-level research.

For Umeå University to maintain the best research infrastructure, a legal framework including a set of principles for planning, funding and prioritising the infrastructures has been set up at the University.

These principles have contributed to strengthening and coordinating Umeå University's strategic planning of central and national research infrastructures. The legal framework is also important for the Swedish Research Council's needs assessment of research infrastructures from a national perspective.

Definition of a Umeå University research infrastructure

A research infrastructure at Umeå University:

  • is a facility (equipment, installation, database, virtual or other knowledge-based resources), with the accompanying staff competence, that is necessary to conduct top-level research
  • can be funded by institution-wide means
  • can be a part of a national or international research infrastructure
  • can be centralised or distributed.

Information on our research infrastructures

To promote the development and use of our research infrastructures, Umeå University will be publishing more information about them on this web page from autumn 2018.

The information will for instance state if the infrastructure is open for researchers from other universities. Please bear with us.

Research infrastructures