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Contact and support in research data

Here you will find information about how the research data support at Umeå University is organised and which function you should contact if you have questions. You can also book a consultation with the library or contact specialists at the Swedish National Data Service (SND).

What support can you get at Umeå University?

At Umeå University, research data support is coordinated, with different functions having specific areas of responsibility.


The library supports issues such as data management plans (DMP) and sharing and publishing data.

Contact the library

Legal Affairs Office

The University lawyers can answer questions about personal data processing, public access and confidentiality, sharing of research data, and contracts.

Legal aspects in research (Aurora)

Registry and Archives

Umeå University’s archivists can help you with, for example, archiving and decisions on deleting research data.

Archiving research material (Aurora)

ICT Services and System Development (ITS)

ITS provides support in choosing secure IT systems during the research process and IT solutions for long-term data storage, among other things.

IT and online services (Aurora)

Swedish National Data Service (SND)

The Swedish National Data Service (SND) operates as a consortium run by nine higher education institutions, of which Umeå University is one. SND provides information material, online training (the BAS online course), training sessions, and events in the field.

Domain specialists

SND has contact persons and specialists in research data management that you, as a researcher, can turn to for advice. The domain specialists are active researchers who are part of SND. They support their research colleagues with data management in their respective subject areas. You can find a list of all domain specialists at SND.

Domain specialists at Umeå University

At Umeå University, there are two domain specialists available who are specialised in register research. Anders Brändström focuses on large historical and contemporary population databases and the ethical considerations of register research. Karina Nilsson specialises in register data from Swedish register holders.


Research data management in four steps

Latest update: 2024-05-24