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During research project

A structured and well thought out method for research data management during the course of a research project make the everyday practical data work easier. Also, it is a built-in way to prepare for the data management work at the conclusion of a project. However, the practicalities and the methods used vary depending on the nature of the project and the data, as well as the preferences of the researchers involved.

IT solutions

Having secure, reliable and manageable IT solutions for the collection and storage of research data is important when working on a research project. Researchers are recommended to contact the ITS Research Support in order to find the solution that best suits a research project.

ITS Research support

Storage, catalogue, repository and archive - what's the difference?

Organising data during an ongoing project

Organising, documenting and describing research data during the ongoing work is important to preserve the underlying basis for research results and publications, and to do so in a way that others can follow. To do this reduces the risk of loosing data, repeating work unnecessarily and using or reusing data incorrectly. 

A project with continuous and clear structures, routines and documentation of research data throughout the project will have a significantly easier data management when the project draws to an end.

Regardless of the type of project, there are always benefits of working in a structured and continuous way with data. However, in a collaborative project, it is crucial for all involved parties to understand and be able to use the data during the course of the project.

Organising data during an ongoing project


The data management plan during the project

The data management plan is a tool for organisation and communication within a research project. As such, it is a live document. Since aspects of working with research data can change during a research project, it is a good idea to plan revisions of the data management plan during the ongoing project. This can either take place at regular intervals or as a result of various changes that may occur. For example, possible revisions might need to be made concerning:

  • Staff
  • Technical resources
  • New or other software
  • Research data
  • Research methods
  • Other external factors such as new legislation

Information resources

The Swedish national data service (SND) provide information resources for researchers on research data management:

Manage data (SND)

Describe and share data (SND)

Contact SND for information, advice and support when working with research data management.

Contact SND

More information on links and contact information to various resources and on how the national infrastructure for research data management is organised can be found here:

Organisation and contacts 

The Swedish research data infrastructure

Information security, sensitive data and legal aspects of research data

For resources and information about information security, information classification, legal status of research data, personal data processing, GDPR and legal counselling, we recommend contacting the university legal officers, the archive and IT specialists.

More information

Information security (Aurora)
Find more information on secure information management.

Archiving research material (Aurora) 
Including the document "Records management plan – Conducting research”.

Legal aspects in research (Aurora)
Contact details and information about legal aspects of your research. 

ICT Services and System Development (ITS) 
Contact ITS for support in matters concerning IT resources to process and store data during and after a research project. 

From the legal framework

The university legal framework holds the following document relevant to processing research data.

Archives and registry

Research data management plan - conducting research (FS 1.1-962-18)


Research data policy (FS 1.1.-545-21)

Open access policy for scholarly publications at Umeå University (FS 1.1-911-17)

Template data management plan (FS 1.1-2117-19) This template is also integrated into the tool DMPonline.

Premises, IT, environment and security

Information security policy for Umeå University (in Swedish only)
Informationssäkerhetspolicy för Umeå universitet (FS 1.1.1-998-17) 

Phases of research project

Initiation of research project

To get informed, make strategic considerations and set up a data management plan.

During research project

To maintain a sound, ordered and consistent management of research data during the research project.

Conclusion of research project

To conclude a research project with well-founded decisions regarding research data.

Latest update: 2020-10-27