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Organisation and contacts

There are a lot of accessible resources to facilitate the work with research data management, both at the university and nationally. Here you can find information to be able to contact the right part of the organisation for your question.

Resources at Umeå University

Research data coordinator

The library has, by the principal, been assigned the responsibility of coordinating the overarching efforts to create an infrastructure for research data management (RDM) locally at the university. The infrastructure aims to offer support and services to researchers in their work with RDM.

Theresa Kieselbach is the coordinator of the collaborative work involved in these efforts.

Contacts at Umeå University

The library research data team

The library research team is available for consultation and professional training in the area of research data management, for example when setting up a data management plan.

Contact us

Book professional training and researcher consultations

The library research data team

Domain specialists on register-based research

At the university there are domain specialists within the field of register-based research. The role of a domain specialist is to support colleagues in their work with research data management. The domain specialists are part of a national competence node together with colleagues from other domains and seats of learning in Sweden. 

Contacts at Umeå University

Domain specialists

The university research data group (DAU)

The members of the Umeå university research data group consist of the members of the local Data Access Unit (DAU) and the SND domain specialists who are based in Umeå.

Members of DAU:

  • Chatarina Larson, Unit director/senior legal advisor at Vice-Chancellor's Office
  • Kristoffer Lindell, head of the Department of Scholarly Communication at the University Library 
  • Theresa Kieselbach, coordinator for research data operations

The domain specialists who are members in the university research data group, and active researchers at Umeå university are:

  • Anders Brändström
  • Karina Nilsson

Adjuncted member is Ida Taberman, domain specialist at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Umeå.

Contacts at Umeå University

Forums and network groups (SND) More information regarding forums and other network groups in the national organisation Swedish national data service (SND). SND is the coordinating unit and infrastructure for research data management on a national level. 

Domain specialists

Legal Affairs Office and Archive

The Legal Affairs Office and Archive handles, and gives support, in matters concerning legislations, procurement and acquisitions and the administration of analogue and digital documents.

Legal Affairs Office

ICT Services and System Development

ICT Services and System Development manage, develop and operate IT-systems for the university, they specialise in ICT-support for researchers.

ICT Services and System Development

National resources

Swedish National Data Service (SND) is a consortium consisting of nine Swedish seats of learning, of which Umeå university is one. Within the SND framework an ongoing development is under way to supply researchers with a national infrastructure, including support and technological structures, for research data management (RDM).

SND organises contacts, support and specialists within RDM who are available to be consulted by researchers. They also provide information materials, opportunities for training and events within the field. The primary function of SND is to support the accessibility, preservation, and re-use of research data and related materials. The FAIR principles correspond well to these goals. 

The Swedish national data service (SND)

Manage data (SND)

Log in (SND)

Research data consultation

Researchers can contact the SND specialists on research data management for consultation on research data management.

Contact SND

Domain specialists in Sweden

The domain specialists of Sweden are organised within the framework of SND. Researchers can contact any of the domain specialists available, regardless of seat of learning or geographical constrictions. Contact information and information on research domains can be found at the SND homepage.

Contact information (SND)

Domain specialists

Phases of research project

Initiation of research project

To get informed, make strategic considerations and set up a data management plan.

During research project

To maintain a sound, ordered and consistent management of research data during the research project.

Conclusion of research project

To conclude a research project with well-founded decisions regarding research data.

Latest update: 2023-10-05