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The library research data team

The library offer professional training and researcher consultations on the subject of research data.

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The library is a support and competence node within the field of research data management. We offer a broad perspective on research data management, with specialised competence within the connected areas of metadata, scholarly publishing, open science and open access. The coordinator of the university-wide research data infrastructure, Theresa Kieselbach, is a member of the library research data team.

Book us for professional training, researcher consultations, as lecturers, or to come to department meetings and give information on research data management. The library also organise open lectures and workshops and it is possible to partner with us to co-organise training sessions.

Data management plan (DMP) consultations

The library can help with DMP consultations and read throughs. In addition to our specialist areas regarding metadata and publishing, we hold general competence regarding DMP:s. We assist in discovering sections of the DMP that might benefit from being further developed. We can also help identify the need for and refer to subject specialists located in other parts of the university or the national infrastructure for further advice. 

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Book professional training and researcher consultations

Quality control of metadata

The library perform quality control on metadata submitted to the SND national research data catalogue. When an affiliated researcher use their Umu-id to log in and make a registration of research data in the SND national research data catalogue, we perform an initial quality control of the registration. The FAIR principles are to be considered as indicative as to the concept of quality. If complementary information is needed, we contact the person specified in the registration.

Describe and share data (SND)

National research data catalogue (SND)


FAIR data

Provider of services

The library provides access to the service DMPonline, where researchers at the university can administer and, at will, share data management plans (DMP).

DMPonline (Umu)

The library workflow is connected to Doris, the interface used when registering research data in the SND national research data catalogue.

Describe and share data (SND)

Feel free to contact us with suggestions on other services for research data management that might be relevant and useful.

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For IT-services, such as data storage, we refer to: 

ICT Services and System Development

The library research data team

Latest update: 2023-10-05