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Specialised topics

Find specialised information in different fields of research data management.

Information security, sensitive data and legal aspects of research data

For resources and information about information security, information classification, legal status of research data, personal data processing, GDPR and legal counselling, we recommend contacting the university legal officers, the archive and IT specialists.

More information

Information security (Aurora)
Find more information on secure information management.

Archiving research material (Aurora) 
Including the document "Records management plan – Conducting research”.

Legal aspects in research (Aurora)
Contact details and information about legal aspects of your research. 

ICT Services and System Development (ITS) 
Contact ITS for support in matters concerning IT resources to process and store data during and after a research project. 

External resources

Resources and guides on research data management provided by sources outside Umeå university. 

General resources

Swedish National Data Service (SND)

Swedish National Data Service collaborates with some 30 higher education institutions and public research institutes in order to provide researchers with a coordinated and quality assured system for finding, describing, and disseminating research data, nationally as well as internationally.

Swedish National Data Service (SND)

Subject specific resources

Data management expert guide (Cessda)

A guide to help social science researchers make their research data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable.

Data management expert guide (Cessda)

The European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI)

Data management resources for the biomolecular sciences.

Bringing data to life: Data management for the biomolecular sciences

Publication of research data

COVID-19 Data portal (Europe)

The purpose of the European portal for research data on COVID-19 is to facilitate and accelerate the research about the virus. It is possible both to retrieve data from the portal and contribute data to the portal.

This service is part of an effort to create a European data platform for research data on COVID-19, with support from the European Commission.

COVID-19 Data portal (Europe)

Connected information for Swedish researchers can be found on COVID-19 Data portal Sweden.

COVID-19 Data portal Sweden

Information, guidelines, tools and services to support researchers in making use of Swedish and European infrastructures for research data sharing - especially COVID-19 Data portal (Europe). It is possible both to retrieve data from the portal and to submit data to the portal.

The Swedish portal is operated by SciLifeLab Data Centre and partners, with support from the Swedish Research Council. The Swedish National Data Service (SND) also support the portal.

COVID-19 Data portal Sweden

COVID-19 Data portal (Europe)

Coalition for Publishing Data in the Earth and Space Sciences (COPDESS)

List of repositories and best practice advices on data management and the FAIR principles.

Coalition for Publishing Data in the Earth and Space Sciences (COPDESS)

Phases of research project

Initiation of research project

To get informed, make strategic considerations and set up a data management plan.

During research project

To maintain a sound, ordered and consistent management of research data during the research project.

Conclusion of research project

To conclude a research project with well-founded decisions regarding research data.