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Setting up a data management plan

Whichever phase of the project you are in, it is important to have a carefully prepared data management plan. The purpose of your data management plan is to ensure that the management of your research data is consistent and well thought-out throughout the project.

Organisation and contacts
Organisation and contacts

Find the right part of the organisation to answer your questions regarding research data management.

Book professional training and researcher consultations
Book professional training and researcher consultations

Book training and consultation sessions about scholarly publishing, research data management and DiVA.

The various parts of the data management plan

What parts a data management plan should contain varies, both in terms of the art of the project, and also in terms of what requirements the plan needs to fulfil, beside those relating to the project itself.

In the internal planning process, the document "Checklist for Data Management Plan" by the Swedish National Data Service can be of good use. The checklist covers various aspects of data management and data sharing, with a short description of why each aspect can be important to plan for.

External funding bodies can have their own templates for data management plans in which they raise aspects of research data management relevant to that specific funding body’s perspective. In the template for data management plans used for research projects funded through Horizon 2020, FAIR data had a prominent role.

It can also be the case that external funding bodies want project leaders to submit a data management plan without having a description of how the plan should be outlined. This is when the university’s template for data management plans can be useful. It is possible to formulate your own data management plan as long as the sections covered in the university’s template are incorporated. The template can be found on the intranet Aurora, on the page "Templates with logo", the document is called "Data management plan template" (see link under the headline "From the legal framework").

The template can also be found among the integrated templates in the tool DMPonline, together with some of the external funding bodies’ data management plan templates. In DMPonline, you can store data management plans, update them continuously and share the plans with others – such as external funding bodies, for instance.

More information

Checklist for Data Management Plan (SND)

Guides to Best Practice (SND)

Specialised topics

FAIR data

Library research data team

From the legal framework

The university legal framework holds the following document relevant to processing research data.

Archives and registry

Research data management plan - conducting research (in Swedish only)
Dokumenthanteringsplan - bedriva forskning (Dnr: FS 1.1‐962‐18) 


Open access policy for scholarly publications at Umeå University (FS 1.1-911-17)

Mall för datahanteringsplan (FS 1.1-2117-19) (in Swedish only). The equivalent "Data management plan template" is available as Word document on the intranet Aurora and is also integrated in the DMP tool DMPonline.

Premises, IT, environment and security

Information security policy for Umeå University (in Swedish only)
Informationssäkerhetspolicy för Umeå universitet (FS 1.1.1-998-17) 

Information security, sensitive data and legal aspects of research data

For resources and information about information security, information classification, legal status of research data, personal data processing, GDPR and legal counselling, we recommend contacting the university legal officers, the archive and IT specialists.

More information

ICT Services and System Development 
Contact them regarding finding good and secure IT resources to process and store data during and after a research project.

Information security (Aurora)
More about safe behaviour regarding online information can be found on this page.

Archiving research material (in English on Aurora) 
Also see the documents “Arkivhandbok för forskningsmaterial" (Archiving handbook for research data) and "Dokumenthanteringsplan - Bedriva forskning” (found on the Swedish page).

Legal Affairs Office
Find contact details for the legal officer and the archive.

Phases of research project

Initiation of research project
Initiation of research project

To get informed, make strategic considerations and set up a data management plan.

During research project
During research project

To maintain a sound, ordered and consistent management of research data during the research project.

Conclusion of research project
Conclusion of research project

To conclude a research project with well-founded decisions regarding research data.

This information is factual only and not to be considered legal advice. Contact the university legal advisors at the Vice-Chancellor's office if legal advice is needed.

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