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Accessibility at our libraries

On this page you can find out how to get to our libraries, how you can use our facilities and what the facilities look like. You will find information about hearing loops, elevators, ergonomic furniture, silent rooms, resource rooms, toilets and baby changing stations, adapted course literature and speech synthesis software. If you wish to contact the library, you can find contact details here.

Welcome to the library

Our libraries are open for everyone, the general public as well as students and faculty members at the university together with employees at Västerbotten County Council. At the library, everyone should be treated with respect and show consideration for other people’s needs to study in peace and quiet.

Equal opportunities at the library

Our policy is that everyone should feel safe and secure in our libraries. In this work we include all protected grounds of discrimination according to Swedish legislation and the university's vision and basic values.

Protected grounds of discrimination (Diskrimineringsombudsmannen)

Vision and basic values

The library works with equal opportunities in different ways; among other things we work with questions regarding LGBTQ+ and Sweden’s national minority languages. Read more here:

About the library

Support for reading and writing

Speech synthesis is installed on all library computers. The program can read text on the Internet and Microsoft Office.

If you have a reading difficulty you can have your course literature adapted as talking books or in other formats or use software to support reading and writing. At the University Library there are resource rooms that you can book, which have adaptations and custom software for advanced spelling. Read more and find contact information of our librarians who specialize in support for reading and writing:

Support for reading and writing

Accessibility at the University Library

To get to the library

  • The University Library is located in the Social Sciences Building on campus.
  • Nearest bus stops are called Universum and Samhällsvetarhuset.
  • Taxis can drive up to the entrance next to the Humanities Building, at the street Biblioteksgränd.
  • Parking is available within walking distance from the library.
  • Parking places for the disabled are available outside the Humanities Building and the Social Sciences Building (in the Samhällsvetaren car park).

Find the University Library

Parking areas and street addresses at Campus Umeå

Map of the University Library, the Humanities Building and the street Biblioteksgränd

To use our facilities

  • Lifts are available on all floors.
  • Wireless hearing loop is available in Instruction Room 1 and on the Balcony.
  • Standing desks and ergonomic furniture such as pilates balls and desk cycles are available.
  • A play corner with books and toys is located near the entrance.

Maps of the University Library

Peace and quiet

  • Quiet reading rooms and a quiet computer lab are available on the 3rd floor.

Toilets and baby changing stations

  • All toilets in the library are gender neutral.
  • Accessible toilets are available on all floors.
  • A toilet with a baby changing station is available on the 3rd floor.

Accessibility at the Medical Library

To get to the library

  • The Medical Library is located at the University Hospital (building 6M).
  • Nearest bus stop is Universitetssjukhuset.
  • Taxis can drive up to the main entrance at Analysvägen 11.
  • Parking, including parking places for the disabled, are available around the hospital.

Find the Medical Library

Parking at the University Hospital of Umeå

To use our facilities

  • Lifts are available on all floors.
  • Wireless hearing loop is available at the information desk and instruction room.
  • Standing desks and ergonomic furniture, such as pilates balls, balance boards and standing desk mats, are available.
  • A box with children's books can be used on site by younger visitors.

Map of the Medical Library

Peace and quiet

  • A quiet reading room is available.


  • All toilets in the library are gender neutral.
  • Accessible toilets are available on all floors.

Accessibility at the Arts Campus Library

To get to the library

  • The Arts Campus Library is located closer to the city centre down by the river of Umeå.  
  • Nearest bus stop is Östra Strandgatan.
  • Taxis can drive up to the main entrance.
  • Parking is available next to Umeå Institute of Design and along nearby streets.
  • A parking place for the disabled is available near the main entrance of Bildmuseet, by the facade of the Umeå School of Architecture.
  • The library is located on level 0 of the Arts Campus.

Find the Arts Campus Library

To use our facilities

  • The library is on one floor and there is a lift between all floors in adjacent premises.
  • There are no barriers to enter the library.
  • A height-adjustable standing desk as well as ergonomic furniture, such as an ergonomic chair (Swopper), a balance board and a standing desk mat.
  • Lockers for outdoor clothes and bags are available in adjacent premises.
  • A play corner with toys and books is available at the entrance.

Map of the Arts Campus

Peace and quiet

  •  There are no enclosed and silent study places or reading areas.

Toilets and baby changing stations

  • There are gender neutral toilets and a baby changing station in adjacent premises (at Bildmuseet).
  • An accessible toilet is available in the library.

Contact the library

Please do not hesitate to contact the library if you have any questions. You can contact us via our contact form, phone, e-mail or chat.

Contact the library

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