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Book a 3D workshop

Participate in this 3D workshop to learn the basics of the printers and gain access to book the printers.

How to use the 3D-printers - workshop

This workshop gives you basic knowledge in how to handle the 3D-printers. After completing the workshop you will be able to book the printers for your own projects as a certified user.

The workshop takes about an hour and only one person at time may participate. You must be over 18 to participate.

In the workshop you will work with a ZYYX 3D-printer.

We will guide you through the following points:

  • usage and safety
  • how to book the printers
  • all the steps in the printing process, from downloading a 3D-model to printing
  • how the filament (the plastic used) is installed, how the build plate functions and other practical aspects of handling the printers
  • how to repair and process 3D-models using Netfabb and Simplify3D software.

Book a workshop

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