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3D printing

Would you like to learn how to use a 3D-printer? Are you already familiar with 3D printing and wish to print your own projects? There are two 3D-printers at the Medical Library available on a bookinging basis. Participate in a 3D workshop to learn the basics of the printers and gain access to book the printers.

3D-printers at the Medical Library 

There are two 3D-printers at the Medical Library available on a booking basis. Learn how to use the library’s 3D-printers in a mandatory workshop. After having completed the workshop you will be able book the printers for your own projects as a certified user.

Frequently asked questions 

When can I use the printers? 

The printers are available when the Medical Library is open.  

What happens if a printout exceeds the booked time? 

Printouts that exceed the booked time may be interrupted by staff or by the person that has booked the subsequent time. 

How do I book the printers without an Umu-id? 

Certified users without an Umu-id can e-mail the library to book a printer. 


How much does it cost to print? 

The price is SEK 740/kg for PLA or ABS plastic. 

You pay for the estimated amount of plastic consumed together with a small cost for the maintenance of the printers. 

Pay by credit card at the information desk before you begin printing. No refunds are made. 

What model is the printer at the library? 

Model: ZYYX 
Build volume: 270x230x195mm

Resources for 3D printing

Manuals and tutorials

Download 3D models

Software for 3D modelling

The software listed below is free to download for personal use. The library staff give no support in the usage of these. 

Please note that Simplify3D is licensed software and is therefore not listed below. The program is installed on the 3D computers at the Medical Library.

3D modelling

Control, repair and slice your model

Rules regarding handling and safety

  • You must comply with the handling and safety regulations included in the mandatory workshop.
  • You are forbidden to print items that are intended to harm others or are otherwise illegal.
  • Handling the 3D-printers is at your own risk.
  • You may not touch anything inside the printer chamber during heating, printing or cooling.
  • The printer hood should be in place and the hatches closed to minimise noise and odour during printing.
  • Once you have completed the printout, remove the printout from the build plate, wipe the plate, and clean the workspace.
  • You are responsible for the entire printing process (starting the printing process, that the printing proceeds normally and that it runs within the scheduled time).