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Brain takes a beating as arteries age
Brain takes a beating as arteries age

When arteries stiffen with age, the brain receives more load from the heart's beating that can cause damage.

Medal of Merit to plant professor
Medal of Merit to plant professor

Marianne Sommarin receives Umeå University's Medal of Merit 2019.

Prestigious medal to molecular biologist
Prestigious medal to molecular biologist

Anders Nordström, Department of Molecular Biology, receive the silver medal to Berzelius's memory.

Scientists call for new regulations for GMO
Scientists call for new regulations for GMO

In an open letter scientists call for changed European legislation on genetically modified organisms.

Energy researchers gather
Energy researchers gather

Scientists meet at Umeå University to discuss renewable energy and to test drive a hydrogen car.

New member of Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences
New member of Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences

Eric Elmroth, professor of Computing Science is appointed member of the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences.

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School of Education honoured with national assignment
Published: 15 Aug, 2018

Will lead a national project of creating effective and purposeful ways into teaching and pre-school teaching.

Good news for fishermen: “Browning” impacts fish less than expected
Published: 15 Aug, 2018

Water color is getting darker in lakes across the planet. This phenomenon, known as “browning,” w...

Third in Sweden on number of applicants per place
Published: 15 Aug, 2018

Umeå University is top three in Sweden on the number of qualified first choice applicants to this...

Expert in chemistry education becomes honorary doctor
Published: 19 Jun, 2018

Ilka Parchmann, Professor and Vice President at Kiel University, has been appointed the 2018...

His dissertation is followed by the important establishment years
Published: 29 May, 2018

Nils Skoglund starts to see the light at the end of the tunnel and a more stable life as a researcher.

Spaceships and Recycling Tips at UID18 – Umeå Institute of Design’s Degree Exhibition
Published: 24 May, 2018

On May 31– June 1, graduates present their degree projects at Umeå Institute of Design’s yearly exhibition

Industrial Doctoral School: useful and collaborative
Published: 12 Apr, 2018

The Industrial Doctoral School is now kicking off 12 new doctoral projects with 10 new industrial partners.

Large grant to Umeå Institute of Design for research on how we are affected by our digital things
Published: 29 Jan, 2018

Since we can’t exactly ‘look under the hood’ anymore on all the digital things we use in everyday...

Methods to handle troublesome operator functions
Published: 15 Jan, 2018

Operator functions are used to describe many important processes in science. When things like...

New Professors at the Faculty inaugurated in 2017
Published: 27 Nov, 2017

Five new professors were inaugurated in 2017.

Suna develops the language of robots
Published: 23 Nov, 2017

Researcher Suna Bensch comes from Germany and investigates talking social robots.

Biochemist and metabolomics researcher take honorary roles at Umeå University
Published: 12 Jun, 2017

Björn O. Nilsson, biochemist and CEO of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA),...

Architecture students take on community project
Published: 03 Mar, 2017

A festival in the Norwegian island municipality of Træna kicks off a project on rural and communi...

New professor with a passion for architecture in areas of political change and social deprivation
Published: 20 Sep, 2016

Professor Robert Mull, with a background as an architect, teacher, activist, and former Dean of t...

Umeå Institute of Design ranked best in the world
Published: 12 Sep, 2016

Both the prestigious Red Dot and iF rank Umeå Institute of Design (UID) at Umeå University as the...