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Published: 2007-10-01

AcureOmics – a new biotech company in the field of personalised medicine

NEWS Personalised medicine refers to the use of new analytical methods for molecules to improve the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in patients. The new company based in Umeå will develop methods for personalised medicine. The methods are based on new technologies combined with advanced data analysis.

AcureOmics is based on leading research conducted at Umeå University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). One of the focus areas of AcureOmics AB is to develop robust and consistent techniques for point of care (POC) diagnostics of different disease states. These techniques will also be used for monitoring of the condition during and after treatment. The basis for personalised medicine is reliable methods for POC diagnosis of different disease states.

– We have promising results for arthritis, where several different studies show consistent results regarding biomarkers that can distinguish healthy subjects from diagnosed patients. The study is based on serum samples and the goal is to establish collaborations and have a POC diagnostic kit for arthritis on the market in a few years, says Jon Gabrielsson, CEO AcureOmics AB.

Robust and consistent techniques for analysis of metabolites/biomarkers open possibilities also in other fields. Development work is ongoing for monitoring the effects of functional foods. This is important to be able to establish the intended the physiological health effect of the food supplement.

AcureOmics AB was recently founded and during the start-up phase the company cooperates with Umeå Biotech Incubator (UBI) and are located in their facilities in the KBC building, Umeå University. The aim of the company is to use the tools of chemometrics to build a unique competence in the “omics” field of data analysis and interpretation. ”Omics” is a collective term for research conducted in the fields of genomics, proteomics and metabolomics/metabonomics. Chemometrics is, to put it simply, the application of mathematical statistics to chemical problems; how the extract as much information as possible from data and how to plan and conduct experiments in order to obtain the most relevant information.

The founders of the company are professor Torbjörn Lundstedt, BMC and AcurePharma, professor Thomas Moritz, UPSC, and assistant professor Johan Trygg, Umeå University. Torbjörn Lundstedt has many years experience of research and development from the pharmaceutical industry. Thomas Moritz has got 20 years experience in the analysis of low molecular weight compounds by mass spectrometry. Johan Tryggs research area is on method development and application of chemometrics in plant and mammalian biology and process analytical technologies (PAT).

Contact information: Jon Gabrielsson, CEO, AcureOmics AB Mobile: +46 (0)70 699 59 98
E-mail: jon.gabrielsson@acureomics.com
Web: www.acureomics.com

Tor Ny, CEO, UBI AB Phone: + 46 90 786 65 65 Mobile: + 46 73 620 50 65
E-mail: tor.ny@medchem.umu.se

Editor: Carina Dahlberg