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Published: 24 Jun, 2019 Updated: 15 Nov, 2019, 09:02

Affiliated Marcus Klaus published in new article

NEWS Researchers from Umeå University, amongst them Arcum-affiliated Marcus Klaus, have developed a new method that uses sound recordings to estimate how fast gases exchange between air and water.

Text: Oscar Sedholm

Streams need to breath, just as humans, to stay healthy. This allows oxygen to improve water quality and sustain fish life, and greenhouse gases out which affects global warming. Gas exchange is driven by turbulence and bubbles, which in turn generate the characteristic stream flow sound.

Read the complete article on UmU:s news webb. The study is published in Limnology and Oceanography: Methods.

Marcus Klaus is Postdoctor at Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences and also does research on carbon cycling of mountain lakes.