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Published: 2019-07-23

AI professor keynote speaker at world conference in Umeå

NEWS Virginia Dignum, professor of social and ethical AI at Umeå University, is one of the main lecturers at the World Federation of Exchanges, WFE, organizes a technical conference in Umeå on June 30 to July 2.

The conference brings together internationally leading industry experts who will discuss, among other things, stock exchange trading and AI, infrastructure for trading cryptographic currencies, the latest innovations and their impact on the financial markets.

The World Federation of Exchanges, WFE, is behind the conference. It is a global industry organization for the world's stock exchanges based in London and representing over 250 market infrastructures.

Previous conferences have been held at the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, in Boston and at Imperial College London. This is the first year WFE collaborates with Umeå University.

“With presence in Umeå, Nasdaq saw this as an excellent opportunity to bring together Umeå and the World Federation of Exchanges Technology Conference. As a stock market and tech company, we look forward to participating in the conference and at the same time highlight Umeå's role as a technology cluster for stock markets” says Niclas Holmberg, Assistant Vice President of Nasdaq.

The event is of the greatest interest to academics, but also to technology managers, information security managers, innovation managers, IT managers and strategic leaders. The conference is only open to invited people, and among them Umeå University researchers who have registered for the conference.

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Lecture on AI

Monday July 1, Virginia Dignum, professor of social and ethical AI at Umeå University, will give a lecture at 11-12 in Aula Biologica.

The lecture is entitled: A Human's Guide to Machine Intelligence.

Read the entire program and the speaker list

The WFE's Technology Conference 2019


About WFE:

The World Federation of Exchanges, WFE, is a global industry organization for the world's stock exchanges. WFE is the most important source of stock market statistics and publishes over 350 market data indicators. The statistics database goes back over 40 years and provides information and insight into developments on global exchanges. WFE works with standard setters, decision makers, regulators and governmental organizations around the world to support and promote the development of fair, transparent, stable and efficient markets.

WFE's Technology Conference takes place every two years and aims to awaken thoughts, debate and ideas about today's technology that affect the industry and ultimately society as a whole. The conference is an excellent forum for capturing the latest trends and discussing innovations in the field of technology while allowing participants to network with industry colleagues, academics and visionaries.

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