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Research infrastructures in focus
Published: 2023-11-16

The delegation, led by Katarina Bjelke, met with the university management, IceLab and Humlab.

New herpesvirus linked to multiple sclerosis (MS)
Published: 2023-11-16

A research group at Umeå University has confirmed that antibodies against a virus are linked to the disease

Inauguration of unique NMR that determines the structure of insoluble materials
Published: 2023-11-14

The event is commemorated with a one-day symposium on 16 November with invited international speakers.

Unlocking secrets in RNA chemical modification
Published: 2023-11-10

'EC' Postdoc Baptiste marvels at how molecular mechanisms shape cell destiny and physiology.

Uptake of methylmercury is controlled by thiols
Published: 2023-11-06

Thiols control how much mercury enters the food web in aquatic environments.

Excited to study important protein complex in model plant
Published: 2023-11-03

'EC' Postdoc Dhruv has followed his passion for microbiology and life science throughout his academic journey.

New method to recycle adsorbents in wastewater treatment
Published: 2023-11-02

Pierre Oesterle's thesis shows how recycling can be made more eco-friendly using pressure cooker technology.

DDNA organization influences the growth of deadly brain tumours
Published: 2023-10-31

the 3D organization of DNA can influence the progression of aggressive brain tumour, reveils a new study.

Swedish Nordic EMBL node is part of newly funded postdoc program
Published: 2023-10-30

MIMS expands opportunities for life science research at Umeå University through NORPOD postdoc programme.

Virginia Dignum new member of the United Nation's AI Body
Published: 2023-10-26

Virginia Dignum is a new member of the United Nation's Advisory Body on Artificial Intelligence.

Bernt Eric Uhlin receives Forska!Sverige Honorary Award
Published: 2023-10-26

Bernt Eric Uhlin is honored for his extraordinary commitment to creating an excellent research environment.

Dissertation at Umeå University named best of the year
Published: 2023-10-26

A thesis by Mark Lindholm, Umeå University, is praised by the Swedish Dental Association.

Research in focus when Ambassador visits the Arctic Centre
Published: 2023-10-23

The Arctic has become an increasingly important region, not least in connection with climate change.

Major grant will put Umeå at the forefront of tropical climate research
Published: 2023-10-23

Daniel Metcalfe tries to understand the impacts of climate change on the unique biodiversity of cloud forests.

Two professors share Baltic Sea Prize
Published: 2023-10-19

Two professors were awarded with Baltic Sea-prize at ceremony in the Hall of Mirrors.