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Published: 12 Sep, 2019 Updated: 14 Nov, 2019, 11:40

App against racism gets Sami character

NEWS During 11th of September 2019 the non-profit organization Teskedsorden held a release for the app Reality Check, that is meant to help youth learn more about racism. This release was meant to promote the brand new Sami character, Ibba. Lena Maria Nilsson of Arcum and Vaartoe was present in the panel discussion.

Text: Oscar Sedholm

Teskedsorden describes itself as a non-profit organisation which works for an open Sweden in which everyone's rights are respected regardless och ethnicity, gender, sexuality or special needs. During wednesday 11th September the organisation visited Umeå University to launch the app Reality Check and it's new Sami character, Ibba. The app is a mixture of lived experiences collected from youth who are subjected to everyday racism, and an interactive game where the player can play through a school week as a character with a minority group background - and that way take part in that character's everyday experiences. In the panel was also Matilda Eriksson who have both contributed with her own experiences as well as voice-acted the Sami character Ibba. Also participating was Moa Backe Åstot, who worked with collecting stories from Sami youth and connecting them together into the game's storyline.

The app Reality Check is out on both Apple and Android systems in Google Play and AppStore. More about Teskedsorden can be found on the organization's homepage,