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Published: 2022-04-29

Arcums steering group member awarded Medal of Merit

NEWS The Umeå University Medal of Merit is the university's highest award, and is presented every three years to individuals who have made particularly significant contributions to the university. This year, Arcums steering group member Anne Husebekk is awarded.

Text: Anngelica

Anne Husebekk is a professor in medicine with a specialization in immunology and transfusion medicine at UiT the Arctic University of Norway, and have been on the Arctic Centre at Umeå University’s (Arcum’s) steering group since 2021. She has an interest in science diplomacy, and science in collaboration with the public and business area, and with a particular interest in Arctic issues.

UiT and Umeå University have comparable profiles and a strong Arctic focus

She receives the medal for her successful work to strengthen cooperation between the universities, and for her driving force in the northern university collaboration The Arctic Five. Anne has contributed to strengthening inter-university cooperation, and developing Arctic cooperation in the northern region.

Anne says she is surprised and grateful to be awarded the Umeå University Medal of Merit. "The collaboration with Umeå University has been going on for many years, and is natural because UiT and Umeå University have comparable profiles and a strong Arctic focus."

"The collaboration between the managements worked very well during my term as vice chancellor and it is an honor to be able to continue the collaboration in the steering group for Arcum even after my term as vice chancellor. I look forward to receiving the medal on October 15"

Alongside Anne, tree other people are awarded, and all of them are well-deserving recipients of the University's Medal of Merit in view of their work and importance to Umeå University. The medal will be awarded at the University's annual ceremony on October 15, 2022 by the Chair of the University Board.