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Published: 2007-01-24

Astronaut Christer Fuglesang to visit Umeå University

NEWS Christer Fuglesang, Honorary Doctor recipient from Umeå University, will be appearing at Aula Nordica in Universum on February 8th. Fuglesang will be speaking about his recent space shuttle journey and delivering a poster of the university’s students and employees which he actually possessed on his space mission.

On 8 February at 1:00 pm, Mr. Fuglesang will be discussing his experience at Aula Nordica. Tickets for this special appearance will divided between Umeå University employees, students and the general public. Information regarding when and where the tickets can be obtained will be publicised on www.umu.se and by local media outlets.

The lecture at Aula Nordica will also be broadcasted directly on www.umu.se. A press conference has been arranged at 2:00 pm where Christer Fuglesang and Umeå University Vice-Chancellor Göran Sandberg will participate.

Additionally, Christer Fuglesang will be meeting students and visiting the Department of Physics during his appearance on campus.

Time: 8 February, 1:00 pm at Aula Nordica (lecture), Universum building, Umeå University A press conference will be held at Universitetsklubben, (one floor above Aula Nordica) at 2:00 pm.

Contact Person: Carina Dahlberg, Press Officer Phone: 090- 786 53 62 Mobile: 070-621 33 68
E-mail: carina.dahlberg@adm.umu.se

Karin Wikman, Information Officer, Faculty of Science and Technology Phone: 090- 786 60 24
E-mail: karin.wikman@adm.umu.se

Rosita Suenson, ESA Phone: + 31652062158
E-mail: Rosita.Suenson@esa.int

Editor: Carina Dahlberg