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Published: 2024-04-03

Awarded fellowship to teach literary theory in Singapore

NEWS Virginia Langum, professor in English literature at the Department of Language studies, received a STINT Teaching Sabbatical grant to teach literary theory at the National University of Singapore during the 2024 autumn semester.

Text: David Meyers

"The National University of Singapore is an excellent university, and I have not spent much time in Southeast Asia. It seems like a beautiful and exciting place to spend a term."

Virginia Langum first arrived to Umeå University in 2011 as a postdoctoral researcher and has been employed here ever since. She was installed as a professor in 2021. Virginia is particularly interested in how diagnoses and experiences of illness are historically and culturally framed, as well as how scientific ideas are spread, interpreted, negotiated and rejected.

Currently, she is working with 19th century sources, specifically on the phenomenon of health travel or what is generallly referred to as "medical tourism", with attention to one particular traveller's experience.