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Published: 2008-11-04

Berzelii Centre in Umeå receives SEK 750,000 for internationalisation

NEWS The Berzelii Centre for Forest Biotechnology in Umeå has been granted 750,000 crowns for the development of internationalisation strategies

The Berzelii Centre for Forest Biotechnology is included in the joint research centre in plant biotechnology at Umeå Plant Science Centre (UPSC) and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). The funds will be used to strengthen its international competitiveness and to develop strategies for internationalisation.

Vinnova (Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems) is providing support to 13 strong research and innovation (R&I) milieus in Gothenburg, Luleå, Stockholm, Uppsala and Umeå. Each locale will receive 750,000 crowns to develop its internationalisation capacity.

In an initial proposal within the programme titled “Global links for strong research and innovation milieus,” Vinnova has invested nearly 10 million crowns toward an increased internationalization of these powerful environments.

"Innovation is created more often in a global network of participants within research, business and a wider society," says Mattias Lundberg, Vinnova, in a statement on the allocation decision. "Therefore, it’s even more vital for Sweden that our main research and innovation milieus are globally competitive and recognised," he continues.

Some examples of the internationalisation efforts named by Vinnova are comparisons with similar international R&I milieus, which can show how an attractive environment for cooperation, investment and recruitment. Internationalisation can also include overall strategies and action plans for global positioning, branding and the establishment of links to other global actors, such as existing skills, knowledge and technology.

Umeå Plant Science Centre homepage: http://www.upsc.se/

Vinnova homepage: http://www.vinnova.se/en/

For more information:

Professor Ove Nilsson, Berzelii Center, UPSC, Umeå
E-mail: ove.nilsson@enfys.slu.se

Editor: Karin Wikman