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Published: 2023-03-08 Updated: 2023-03-09, 11:16

We welcome new members to our Business Advisory Board

NEWS Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics (USBE) has a Business Advisory Board made up of members from the business community and the public sector. In collaboration the advisory board contributes to the continuous improvement of USBE. Annually, The USBE Board, Business Advisory Board, and the Internationally Advisory board meet to jointly discuss strategy issues.

In the past year we have welcomed five new members

Anna Andersdotter, statistician/analyst at Novus Group International AB. She has previously worked at the Swedish Quality Index and worked as an assistant professor at both Stockholm University and here in Umeå. Anna is an alumna with a master's degree in statistics from 2010. Active in Stockholm.

Ylva Billing, Business Developer at Skellefteå Science City. Ylva has previously been CFO in several different companies, business advisor at Praktikertjänst and head of unit in Skellefteå municipality. Ylva is an alumna with a degree in accounting from 1991.

Karin Johansson, Senior Relationship Manager, Nordea. Karin has previously held several roles at Danske bank. Karin is an alumna with a master's degree in finance from 2010. Active in Umeå.

David Sundström, national economist, Swedish Transport Administration. David has previously worked at Statistics Sweden and SNS and worked as a senior lecturer at Umeå University. David is an alumnus, a PhD in econometrics in 2016. Active in Umeå (employer Stockholm).

Anna Thoursie, Chief Economist, Ledarna. Anna has previously been chairman and member of the USBE board for a total of eight years. Anna has a PhD in Economics from Stockholm University.

Business Advisory Board members include:

Anna Andersdotter, Novus Group International AB
Ylva Billing, Skellefteå Science City
Nils-Olof Forsgren, Uminova Innovation
Henrik Johansson, Grant Thornton
Karin Johansson, Nordea
Sofia Lundberg, Handelshögskolan (convener)
Anna-Karin Nilsson, Vitec
Peter Renkel, Konftel
Oskar Riby, RISE
Tom Sarin, Komatsu Forest
Ann-Christine Schmidt, Skellefteå Kraft
Magnus Stenvall, Umeå Energi AB
David Sundström, Trafikverket
Kristina Säfsten, Övik Energi
Royne Söderström, Akademiska Hus
Anna Thoursie, Ledarna