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Published: 2023-11-23

Cancer Fund millions for research in Umeå

NEWS Cancer research at Umeå University will receive an additional SEK 59.5 million in the Swedish Cancer Society's allocation in the autumn of 2023. Umeå thus ends up in fifth place out of a total of 13 higher education institutions. KI receives the most, winning six times as much as Umeå.

Text: Ola Nilsson
  • Thomas Borén receives SEK 2.4 million for the project Vaccine in protection against gastric cancer.
  • Felipe Cava, SEK 2.4 million for The role of microbiota-derived non-canonical D-amino acids in intestinal homeostasis and colorectal cancer.
  • Erik Chorell, SEK 2.4 million to Using Guide DNA-Ligand Conjugates to Regulate Expression of Specific Oncogenes.
  • Teresa Frisan, SEK 2.4 million to Deciphering the immune and genetic landscape in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma for patient stratification.
  • Ulf Gunnarsson, SEK 2.4 million to Colorectal cancer: The impact of matrix composition on local and systemic inflammatory responses – an important modulator of consensus molecular subtypes and prognosis factor.
  • Johan Henriksson, SEK 2.4 million to Dissecting human T cell exhaustion using a new single-cell telomere length measurement protocol.
  • Johan Holmberg, SEK 3 million to Aberrant splicing and HIF2a in neuroblastoma.
  • Erik Johansson, SEK 4 million for Cancer-related changes in DNA, polymerase, epsilon and genome instability.
  • Maréne Landström, SEK 5.25 million for xploring TGFβ oncogenic signaling to diagnose, prevent, and treat metastatic cancer in precision medicine.
  • Jan Larsson, 3.75 million, Chromosomal rearrangements, epigenetic response and chromosomal segregation.
  • Richard Lundmark, SEK 3 million for Mechanisms of altered metabolism in triple negative breast cancer.
  • Karin Nylander, SEK 3 million for Studies of squamous cell carcinoma of the mobile tongue focusing on potential age dependent differences in metabolism and the use of artificial intelligence in prediction of prognosis and genotype from histological slides.
  • Richard Palmqvist, SEK 5.25 million to The gut microbiome in colorectal cancer – From mechanistic insights to clinical applications.
  • Jenny Persson, SEK 3 million to Cancer cell adaptive program in initiation of metastatic growth in distant organs and novel therapeutic strategies.
  • Bethany van Guelpen, SEK 3.75 million for Understanding colorectal cancer etiology, toward precision prevention.
  • Jonas von Hofsten, SEK 2.4 million for Evaluation of rhabdomyosarcoma progression and regression in genetic models.
  • Sun Nyunt Wai, SEK 3.75 million for Role of secreted bacterial factors in modulation of host cell signalling and in carcinogenesis.
  • Daniel Öhlund, SEK 3 million for Targeting Tumor-Stromal Interactions in Pancreatic Cancer.
  • Martin Rutegård, three years and three months to Anastomosis leakage and relieving stoma during surgery for colorectal cancer.
  • Mikael Johansson, SEK 600,000 to the Swedish Planning Group for Lung Cancer.