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Published: 10 Nov, 2017

Celebrating 30 years of Erasmus

NEWS This year, the Erasmus programme, now Erasmus+, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. To mark this occasion, Umeå University arranged a mingle event with sandwich layer cake on 9 November. Both students and staff were invited to the celebration in Vardagsrummet, Humanities Building.

StudentambassadörerThe original Erasmus began in 1987 as an exchange programme for students, Sweden entered the academic year of 1992/1993. Today, 30 years later, a name change has taken place and the new name for the programme is Erasmus+. The celebration of the 30th anniversary is one way for the university to highlight the important role the programme plays for internationlisation, and present available opportunities for those who are curious about exchange for students, staff or teachers.

“The Erasmus programme is extremely important for understanding other cultures, overcoming language barriers, and to develop skills demanded in the global labor market. A few years ago, a study by the European Commission showed that those studying or training abroad increase their chances of finding a job after graduation” says Ingrid Svensson, Head of the International Office.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Dieter Müller kicked off the celebration by talking briefly about his experience of being an exchange student at Umeå University. Student ambassadors who have been on exchange also attended to answer any queries from those who wanted to know more about exchange studies.

In addition to the celebration in the Humanities Building, outgoing exchange students arranged meetups with alumni in Tromsö, San Sebastian and Crewe.

According to the Swedish Higher Education Authority, about 14 percent of Swedish students who took a degree in 2012/2013, spent part of their education abroad. Of these, Erasmus students form an important part. EU has stated that in 2020 at least 20 percent of those graduating in member countries should have spent part of their education abroad.

Ingrid Svensson, Head of the International Office
Ingrid Svensson, Head of the International Office

“For the university to increase the number of outgoing exchange students, we must work at all levels with guidance and support, but also with structural changes so that education enables studies abroad”, says Ingrid Svensson.

For more information, please contact:

Ingrid Svensson, Head of the International OfficeTelephone: 090-786 56 35

Photo: Ulrika Bergfors
Film: John Molander

Editor: Sandra Åström