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Published: 29 Jan, 2020

DMPonline is the new tool for data management planning

NEWS All researchers at Umeå University now have access to and can start using DMPonline, which is a service for writing and sharing data management plans. The Digital Curation Center provides the service used by many other European and non-European universities. The University Library subscribes to the service but has adapted DMPonline specifically to Umeå University circumstances.

An increasing number of research funding bodies has started to require researchers to use data management plans. Two of those bodies are the Swedish Research Council and Formas. The Umeå University template for data management plans originate from a Swedish translation of the Science Europe’s standpoint on data sharing, but it has been somewhat reworked by the Association of Swedish Higher Education and the Swedish Research Council. And the Swedish National Data Service has drafted a checklist for the administrative tasks required for a research project.

The purpose of the university’s template for data management plans is to be well adapted to those research projects at Umeå University that produce, gather or process research data in some form. Thomas Kieselbach is coordinator of research data at the University Library:

“Data management plans are not intended as another step to increase the bureaucratic burden for researchers. Instead, it’s a tool aimed to facilitate processing and storing of research data in the short and long term. This is a part of a currently ongoing process of change in Sweden as well as in many other countries. The idea is that researchers from all disciplines make their research data from publicly funded projects openly accessible as far as possible.”

When a researcher at Umeå University has created an account with DMPonline, the account is automatically linked to Umeå University, which means that future login can be carried out through an Umu-id. DMPonline also comes with a guide to how to fill out the template found inside the tool.

Advantages of using DMPonline to set up a data management plan:

  • Guidance inside the tool is provided on how to fill out the data management plan template.
  • The tool allows easy download of the completed data management plan in various formats (PDF, Word, HTML, etc.).
  • Colleagues and project members can be invited to read, edit or manage the plan in DMPonline, all according to the chosen access level.

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