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Published: 2013-04-22

Do not miss! Plant researcher Stefan Jansson is blogging

NEWS From 22 April and two weeks onwards, Stefan Jansson will write on the university´s research blog. He is professor at the department of Plant Physiology.

Stefan Jansson is studying how plants capture the sun light and use it in photosynthesis. He is also interested in genetics and genomics; how to identify the genes that gives individual trees – of the same species - different characteristics.

How does it feel to blog?
– How shall I find the time to do this as well?

What will you write about?
– I do not think that I will write so much about my own research, but focus on research communication and maybe the conditions and role of research in society. Also, things that will pop up in my head during these two weeks will be put in writing.

Have you been bloging earlier? What are your expectations?
– No, never. I do not even have a Facebook account. If I get feedback on my writing I would be very pleased, otherwise it is difficult to know if the message reaches the reader. It is crowded in the blogosphere.

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Stefan Jansson blogs

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