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Published: 06 Sep, 2021

Drop-in vaccination on Campus Umeå

NEWS On Thursday 9 September, the regional healthcare provider Region Västerbotten will open a drop-in centre for vaccination against COVID-19 in the Universum Building on Campus Umeå particularly aimed at students. This applies to both dose one and dose two.

Text: Jonas Lidström

Starting this week, Region Västerbotten opens a temporary vaccination centre against COVID-19 with the purpose of reaching more students with the offer of getting vaccinated.

The vaccination centre will be located in the Universum Building on Campus Umeå and offers only drop in vaccination, no booked appointments. The vaccination centre administers both dose one and dose two regardless of where dose one was taken.

Region Västerbotten wants to increase vaccination among young adults

Among people aged 18–29 and registered in the Västerbotten County, 26 per cent had taken both doses of COVID vaccine on 2 September. Among all residents in the Västerbotten County above the age of 18, as many as 69 per cent have been doubly vaccinated.

Ronny Lestander is vaccine coordinator at Region Västerbotten. He is pleased that a vaccination campaign aimed particularly at the many students in Umeå becomes reality:

“It feels very positive to be able to offer this opportunity to all students. The purpose is to increase the vaccination rates in a group where the vaccination coverage is lower than the average population, and simplify for students who may have received their first dose elsewhere,” says Ronny Lestander.

Umeå Univeristy's Vice-Chancellor is also positive about the initiative:

– We're very pleased that Region Västerbotten offers the opportunity for students to get vaccinated on campus and we hope that the interest to make use of this chance is large among students," says Hans Adolfsson, Vice-Chancellor of Umeå University.

Capacity of 400 doses per day

This week, the intended premises in the Universum Building will be prepared for the vaccination centre, including building separators and signposting. When the preparations are complete, Region Västerbotten will be able to vaccinate between 200 to 400 people per day.

Region Västerbotten and Umeå University hopes that students will make use of this opportunity and that everyone who can will get vaccinated.

“Since this is a drop-in system, queues can build up during popular times. If the queue is too long, please come back later,” says the vaccination coordinator Ronny Lestander.

More opportunities next week

Region Västerbotten is planning to extend the drop-in vaccination centre in Universum if it is in demand and if many people come to get vaccinated: 

“We are planning on offering more available times next week too. When that is will be updated on,” continues Ronny Lestander.

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