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Published: 2011-11-17

Egyptian guides are visiting the Cairo-project

NEWS It's been nearly a month since the students in year 3 at Umeå Shool of Architecture returned back home. Now, four of the Egyptian guides are visiting Umeå for a follow up on the mappings done of the garbage collecting community in Moqattam Village.

Garbage City from aboveThe guides from the Coptic church played an important role during the four week long project in Garbage City, Moqattam Village. Through their guidans the students got the opportunity to get to know the inhabitants, visit them in there houses and got a chance to study the community close up.

Sustainable Maps - the method of studying and understanding a society from the inside, showed to be very successful. Now the work continues with follow ups of the mappings together with the guides Adham Refaat, Hanna Fathy, Magdy Waddy och Treza Zaki during their ten days long stay.

Project in Garbage City gave new perspectives