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Published: 27 Oct, 2014

Emmanuelle Charpentier receives Jacob Heskel Gabbay Award

NEWS Emmanuelle Charpentier, group leader at MIMS and guest professor at Umeå Centre for Microbial Research, Umeå University, is one of the awardees of the Jacob Heskel Gabbay Award in Biotechnology and Medicine.

Together with Feng Zhang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Jennifer Doudna, University of California, Berkeley, she is recognized for her work with CRISPR-Cas9, an enzyme specialised for cutting DNA. 

The award, given annually, consists of a $15,000 cash prize (to be shared in the case of multiple winners) and a medallion. An award lecture will be held on Monday, October 27 at Brandeis University in the United States.

Earlier this year Emmanuelle Charpentier received the Dr. Paul Janssen Award for Biomedical Research together with Jennifer Doudna, and she also was awarded the Göran Gustafsson Prize in Molecular Biology.

More about Jacob Heskel Gabbay Award Press release from Brandeis University

Editor: Karin Wikman