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Published: 2013-09-02

Environmental historian writes on university research blog

NEWS Dolly Jørgensen is an environmental historian who has worked on both medieval and modern history. She is currently researching historical animal reintroductions in Norway and Sweden.

How does it feel to blog?

- I'm excited about representing both Umeå University and the Faculty of Science and Technology as a blogger. It's an opportunity to share my thoughts about academia and my discipline.

What will you write about?

– I'm in an interesting position as an environmental historian employed in a natural sciences faculty, so I want to spend my time as a blogger reflecting on the challenges and opportunities that come with my type of interdisciplinary. I believe the synergies that result from bridging the humanities and natural sciences can help us better understand complex environmental issues today and how we can address them for the future.

Have you been blogging earlier? What are your expectations?

– I have been blogging since January 2013 for my Formas-funded project, The Return of Native Nordic Fauna ( I write 2-3 posts per week related to my research on historical reintroductions of animals in Norway and Sweden. I've found blogging helpful for making sense of my own research while it is in progress, for sharing interesting stories that would otherwise go untold, and for making connections between my historical work and ongoing debates about reintroduction.

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