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Published: 2022-11-22

ERC Starting Grant to two research projects in Umeå

NEWS Two Umeå researchers, André Nyberg and André Mateus, receive the coveted ERC Starting Grant for scientific excellence. This will secure funding for their research for the next five years.

Text: Sara-Lena Brännström

André Nyberg is a physiotherapist at the Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation. He will receive funding for the project Innovative treatments for extrapulmonary benefits in COPD, which aims to study the treatment effect of physical exercise for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD. 

"A key to the implementation of this project is the infrastructure available at Umeå University and the collaboration with other researchers both within the faculty and internationally. It gives us a unique opportunity to dig deeper than has been done before regarding the explanatory mechanisms of exercise performed at different intensities and an opportunity to investigate in more detail to what extent the disease COPD affects treatment effects over time and specifically the role of inflammation," says André Nyberg.  

André Nyberg has previously received Prince Daniel's Fund for Promising Young Researchers from the Swedish Heart Foundation.  

"Very gratifying"

André Mateus, researcher at the Department of Chemistry, receives funding from the project Proteome-wide functional interrogation and modulation of gut microbiome species. Together with his research team, he will study how different drugs affect bacterial species in the gut. 

"If the project is successful, we will be able to start suggesting how we could use drugs to rationally manipulate the composition of our gut microbiome. In the future, I would like to move closer to disease treatment," he says.  

The ERC (European Research Council) Starting Grant rewards young researchers for innovative research and promotes their scientific independence. 

"It is very gratifying that research leaders at the university succeed in obtaining a prestigious starting grant from the ERC. It is proof that Umeå University can recruit young top researchers by offering good conditions for groundbreaking research," says Mikael Elofsson, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology.

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