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Published: 29 Apr, 2009

Exhibitions by Umeå School of Fine Arts students at Bildmuseet

NEWS During 10-24 May, art exhibitions by graduating students at the Umeå School of Arts will be on display at Bildmuseet, Umeå University’s museum of contemporary art and visual culture. This year’s exhibitions have the themes of "It’s About Time" by students in the Master of Fine Arts programme and "Light Club" by students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts programme.

This year’s presentation by the eight graduating master programme students displays many of contemporary art forms – from painting, sketching and photography, via performance, installation to video and advanced robotic technology.

Graduating MFA students: Magni Borgehed, Fanny Carinasdotter, Carl-Erik Enqvist, Mattias Ericsson, Jan Tore Jensen, Emma Pettersson, Stina Rosenberg, Mariel Rosendahl.

The title, It’s About Time, aims to portray the feeling that it’s ”finally time” that the exhibition takes place after five years of studies in the MFA programme at the Umeå School of Fine Arts. The exhibition curator is Sofia Curman. The supervisor for the students has been Professor Elin Wikström.

For more specific information, visit the Master of Fine Arts programme web page.

Catalogue in pdf format
High resolution photos

The exhibition by the master’s graduates titled It’s About Time will be on display at Bildmuseet during 10-24 May. A smaller scaled version will open on 27 May at the Andersson/Sandström Gallery in Stockholm.

Light Club: BFA programme exhibition at Gallery 60, BildmuseetThe 15 graduating students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts programme consists of:
Sebastian Mügge, Thomas Olsson, Eskil Liepa, Ida Rödén, Helena Piippo Larsson, Linda Spjut, Karin Meissner, Malin Tivenius, Anders Johansson, Rikard Hultman, Rasmus West, Ylva Trapp, Anna Sörenson, Lina Palmqvist, Frida Krohn.

The collective exhibition has light as its theme, or perhaps the absence of light. A theme that can relate to the clichés of blonde Scandinavians and our exotic climate with the midnight sun, or something as specific as we show in the exhibition’s lighting construction - winding wires on the floor, clutter, and finally the light in the middle of darkness. It may be a poetic allegory for three years at an art school, but is primarily the individual lights that show how the exhibition is linked. The supervisor of the BFA programme has been Professor Ingo Vetter