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Published: 27 Jun, 2017

FairTax Policy Brief no. 1 published

NEWS FairTax just launched the new FairTax Policy Brief series. The first brief, ”Taxing for equality – a re-emerging tax policy trend in Europe”, is written by professor Åsa Gunnarsson.

“The FairTax Policy Brief series is a vital part of the next phase in this Horizon 2020 project on fair and sustainable taxation. It gives us an opportunity to quickly communicate new key findings directly to policy makers and stakeholders, and makes us even more present in the contemporary debate on tax policies in the EU.” Says Åsa Gunnarsson, professor in tx law and coordinator of FairTax.

The key findings of ”Taxing for equality – a re-emerging tax policy trend in Europe” are:- Social dimensions of taxation are an underdeveloped field of research.- The last decades of “growth-friendly” economically efficient tax policies in the European Union Member States have abandoned tax fairness objectives regarding income equality, gender equality and social justice perspectives. In fact, outcomes of these tax policies seem to undermine the inclusive social rights foundation of existing welfare states programs.- Policy makers need to take legal obligations and socio-economic realities seriously to ensure that tax systems promote gender equality.
- Fiscal and social policies have to be coherent in the ambition to promote women’s paid work in the labour market.

Download FairTax policy brief no. 1: ”Taxing for equality – a re-emerging tax policy trend in Europe”

Editor: Elin Andersson