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Published: 24 Oct, 2017

FairTax research presented at ICRICT high level meeting

NEWS At a recent one-day high level round table discussion in New York, hosted by the ICRICT organisation, FairTax researcher Danuše Nerudová, Mendel University Brno, presented CCCTB as a possible candidate for a global reform of corporate taxation.

The Independent Commission for the Reform of International Corporate Taxation, ICRICT, is an independent commission whose task is to come up with a suggestion on a global reform of corporate taxation. The Commission is chaired by José Antonio Ocampo and commission members are, among others, Noble prize winner Joseph Stiglitz and MEP Eva Joly.

On September 18, the organisation arranged a one-day high level roundtable in New York on the topic “Global tax reform beyond BEPS: Unitary Taxation and other alternatives”. The purpose of the workshop was to examine different forms of unitary taxation to enable the Commission to contribute specific policy proposals for the continuing debate on reform of the international tax system, especially for developing countries.

FairTax researcher Danuše Nerudová, Mendel University Brno, was invited as expert on EU CCTB/CCCTB (Common Corporate Tax Base/Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base).
"At the round table, I presented the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base as the possible global concept, discussing the pros and cons (especially the possible effect on developing countries) when it would be introduced. As the ICRICT are an independent organisation, they do not represent specifically the interests of developing or developed countries. They aim to come up with a concept of the reform of global taxation which would be suitable for both - developing as well as developed countries."

The other forms of unitary taxation presented were: Residence Based Worldwide Taxation, presented by Professor J. Clifton Fleming, Brigham Young University, Destination Based Cash Flow Taxation, presented by David Miller, Proskauer Rose LLP, and Formulary Apportionment, presented by Professor Kim Clausing, Reed College.
"The ICRICT gives policy suggestions to both the UN and OECD, and they will soon finalize their final report on a possible global tax policy reform. Based on, among other things, the presentations form the round table, the report will be presenting one form of unitary taxation as suitable for a global reform. I was asked to comment the final report and I look forward to seeing this work develop", says Danuše Nerudová.

Editor: Elin Andersson