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Published: 03 Apr, 2017

FairTax researcher in panel discussion about Brexit

NEWS At a panel discussion on the implications of the Brexit shock for the EU budget, FairTax researcher Margit Schratzenstaller argued that the Brexit represents a great opportunity for sustainability-oriented structural reforms of the EU budget. The panel discussion was organized by the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw).

Margit Schratzenstaller argued that net payers might agree to maintaining the current budget volume in exchange for a fundamental reform of EU expenditures towards more European value added. And they might even agree to simultaneously reforming the current system of own resources by introducing sustainability-oriented tax-based own resources: for example a financial transaction tax, a C(C)CTB, a carbon-based flight ticket tax, or a net wealth tax, which are currently analysed in the FairTax project.

The other participants of the panel discussion were Tamasz Szemler from the National University of Public Service Budapest and Sandor Richter from wiiw.

Editor: Elin Andersson