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Published: 2023-09-14

Fashion retailer Kappahl's CEO in conversation with our programme students

Elisabeth Peregi, CEO at Kappahl, one of Scandinavia's leading fashion retailers with markets extending to Poland and UK, met our new students on the Retail and Supply Chain Management Programme over a digital conversation. Elisabeth talked and reflected about her journey from business studies to the role of CEO, where the mix of classic roles in controlling and marketing together with broader operational responsibilities paved the way for both interest and the opportunity to assume managerial and CEO positions.

The conversation also revolved around retail's future opportunities and challenges from Kappahl's horizon and how they are preparing to future-proof their business. Sustainability issues take on an increasingly central role, as does more active work with data analysis and new KPIs, but also setting processes and systems to be able to take on new business opportunities.

Soft issues such as creating internal commitment for the company's journey forward are something that, according to Elisabeth, are of great importance.

Collaboration was also part of the discussion and apart from the fact that it is important within the industry, Elisabeth also concluded by highlighting the importance of dialogue in a broader sense.

"It´s always inspiring to have a dialogue with students, and I strongly believe in a good collaboration between business and academia to solve future challenges and opportunities."