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Published: 03 Jul, 2019

First students graduating from International Master's Programme in Constitutional Law and Human Rights

NEWS In June, the first students graduated from Department of Laws International Master's Programme in Constitutional Law and Human Rights.

Text: Sofia Strömgren

– I am going back home to Moldova with the warmest memories about Sweden, says Alexei Sici, graduate of the Master’s Programme, and continues:

– I am planning to apply my knowledge that I acquainted at Umea University in my career, in the field of Constitutional Law and Human rights in conjunction with labor law, in order to contribute to my society with the knowledge that I absorbed during my student life in Umea.

The Master's Programme in Constitutional Law and Human Rights runs for one academic year and consists of four individual courses. The different backgrounds of students from eleven countries created a mix of experiences and viewpoints on constitutional and human rights issues.
– During the seminars, teachers created a nice and friendly atmosphere for students with different nationalities and from different backgrounds, and they were more than welcomed to express their own thoughts and ideas, says Alexei Sici.

Awesome professors and an excellent teaching system

Hewan Haileselassie have a bachelor’s degree in Law from Mekelle University in Ethiopia. She says she wanted to specialize in Human Rights and chose to study the programme in Umea because it gave her a chance to study both human rights and constitutional law concurrently.  
– It has been a life-changing experience. I think this programme fits anyone who has a background in law. Their interest in the subject will grow even more after meeting the awesome professors whom have an excellent teaching system, says Hewan Haileselassie.

It has been a life-changing experience

Alexei Sici and Hewan Haileselassie describe Umea University as a progressive and modern university, and they appreciate the online learning platform and the encouraging and supportive teachers.

– We’ve had good relations with the teachers who's been very helpful from day one, says Hewan Haileselassie.
– The teaching staff is outstanding, says Alexei Sici.

Do you have any special memories from your time in Umea?

– A lot, the buddy program, the seminar meetings and discussions, and IKSU was the best. The winter was an interesting experience as in my home country we never get such extreme weather conditions, like the snowfall and the darkness was mind blowing, says Hewan Haileselassie. 

– Umea is a very specific location. During the winter, you can see Aurora lights and in June, there are white nights. Which is a tremendous phenomenon that could be experienced just up in the north. In addition, many friends that I met from all around the world, makes me see that world is not so big, says Alexei Sici.

Hewan Haileselassie 
Home city: Addis Ababa
Previous university studies: Mekelle University in Ethiopia

Alexei Sici
Home city: Republic of Moldova, Chisinau
Previous university studies: University of European Studies of Moldova