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Published: 2023-04-12 Updated: 2023-04-13, 10:46

Funding for equipment that promotes digital humanities

NEWS Kempestiftelserna have granted Humlab SEK 800,000 to purchase Motion Capture equipment. The equipment will be used to explore new opportunities for digital humanities within four national research infrastructures where Humlab is included. There are also opportunities to eventually use the equipment in other contexts, such as projects in AI and in game development.

– The central role given to Humlab at national level through these infrastructures means that the equipment and expertise we invest in has the potential to benefit an extensive network of researchers at local, regional, national, and international level, says Karin Danielsson, director of Humlab.

The central role given to Humlab at the national level has the potential to benefit an extensive network of researchers at the local, regional, national and international level.

Motion Capture is a groundbreaking equipment used to capture all or part of a person's physical movements, shifts, and in some cases, facial expressions. The movements are then translated into the actions of a 3D digital character. This technology is mainly used in game development and film production but also in medical research.

– By providing Motion Capture, Humlab can broaden its technical infrastructure and create more conditions for visualisation in the humanities and other disciplines, says Jim Robertsson who will implement and manage the equipment.

A number of workshops will be offered to researchers and doctoral students at Umeå University. They will have the opportunity to try out the equipment to investigate if, and how, it can be used in ongoing or future projects. The selection of projects and studies will primarily take place within the framework of Humlab's infrastructures and among ongoing research projects at Humlab's affiliated researchers. In the future, there will be opportunities for others to use the equipment. The goal is to inform new research applications where motion capture can be used. In a first project, Humlab will explore how motion capture can be used to generate user data for AI systems.