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Published: 2021-11-02

Google Apps shuts down

NEWS Umeå University phase out the use of Google Apps until March 31 2022. This means that if you use Google Apps today you have to move all of your material and choose another service for your cooperation, communication and storing of files and material.

Text: Maja Wik

Why is Google Apps shutting down?

The university has decided to phase out the use of Google Apps due to the fact that there is no Personal Data Processing Agreements for Google Apps, the university can't fulfil the General Data Protection Regulation.

What should I do? 

If you know that you have an account and you store files in Google Apps, you need to move your material to another service. The university has decided to recommend Office 365 as the main service for cooperation, communication and storing and share files.
Here you have more intructions and manuals for how you move your material.

The ones that have material in Google Apps will be contacted via e-mail with more information about how much material they have in Google Apps.