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Published: 19 Mar, 2021

Granta Design – a database that supports materials education

NEWS The database covers materials, manufacturing methods, products, and much more, and is a teaching resource that support materials education in technology, design, science and sustainable development.

The database covers materials, manufacturing methods, products, and much more. It is clearly adapted for education, which is evident from the different filters/levels you can apply to the database. It can be shown from a design perspective, from an architectural perspective, or just for different levels of prior knowledge. Depending on the filter, you can get a reasonable level of information, and get more relevant information for what you want to teach.

It also has several useful tools, including “chart/select”, where you can make comparisons of all possible materials and material properties. But also, the tool “eco audit” with the help of which you can calculate carbon dioxide and energy footprints for various products over its entire life cycle.

If you dig really deep into the database, it is also impressively detailed. One can go down on individual metal alloys and their properties given different thermal and mechanical treatments. It can have practical use, for example in instrument manufacturing in research.

The database Granta Design