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Published: 2009-06-04

Handelsbanken CEO and prominent UK professor named honorary doctors

NEWS Pär Boman, CEO at Svenska Handelsbanken AB, and Professor John Loughlin, one of Europe's leading researchers on regional governance, have been appointed honorary doctorates by the Faculty of Social Sciences at Umeå University.

Pär BomanPär Boman is the President and CEO of Handelsbanken, and is one of the main patrons for the Umeå School of Business (USBE). Since the founding of the USBE in 1989, Handelsbanken has been a major financier and partner. They have continuously helped to develop it into an internationally respected and accredited business school.

Pär Boman has launched a new phase of cooperation at a heightened level, characterized by innovation and community engagement. He has been active in supporting a professorship at USBE and a doctoral student in the university's recently introduced business research graduate school.

In addition, Pär Boman has displayed a genuine commitment to the students at USBE, by lecturing and discussions with the students, and as a respected advisor in the financial world. He has also worked to achieve a number of qualified and long-term internships.

John LoughlinJohn Loughlin, professor of politics at Cardiff University, United Kingdom, is one of the leading regional researchers in Europe. He focuses particularly on regional governance and relationships between States and regions, which is a current topic of interest in research for northern Sweden.

Over the past ten years, John Loughlin has had an extensive collaboration with researchers at the political science department at Umeå University's. He has been closely linked to a project on Scandinavian policy and politics, and has been a guest lecturer and graduate student supervisor. Moreover, he led a course on conflict analysis, and participated in a successful research funding application to the Swedish Research Council.

John Loughlin is a highly qualified researcher who has written or edited ten books and published some fifty articles in international journals, some in conjunction with researchers at the Department of Political Science at Umeå University. He is also a member of a number of prominent scientific societies, including the British Royal Society of Arts and the Royal Historical Society.

Contact for Pär Boman: Lars Lindbergh, Dean at Umeå School of Business at Umeå University Phone: 090-786 55 20, 070-557 7215
E-mail: lars.lindbergh@usbe.umu.se

Contact for John Loughlin: Anders Lidström, Department of Political Science, Umeå University Phone: 090-786 6181, 070-691 3299
E-mail: anders.lidstrom@pol.umu.se

Editor: Camilla Bergvall