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Published: 2023-05-15

USBE Alumni Foundation Prize 2023

NEWS The 2023 recipient of the USBE Alumni Foundation's scholarship of SEK 10,000, which is awarded in collaboration with Swedbank, has been appointed.

Text: Rickard Lindberg

The recipient is Douglas Drake, student at the Business and Economics Programme (Civilekonomprogrammet). The award will be handed out at the annual graduation ceremony.

Emelie Viklund, from Swedbank Umeå and partner for the Alumni Foundation's prize:

– It is with pleasure that we at Swedbank hand out the Alumni Foundation's prize to a very worthy candidate! During his time as a student at the business school, Douglas has, among other things, been active within Unga Aktiesparare and pushed the issue of creating interest and involving more female students in the financial field, which we think is a very important initiative that should be acknowledged. We wish Douglas the best of luck in the future and hope that the award will be useful for the purpose for which it is intended.

During his time as a student, Douglas have been involved in various ways and, among other things, represented USBE at the Swedish championships in Business and Economics. However, it is thanks to his work as chairman of the association Young Shareholders Umeå (UA) that Douglas is awarded the scholarship. In his work, Douglas has shown the importance of cooperation between different associations by working for a closer cooperation between UA and the Finance section in HHUS. Through a more active dialogue between the associations, conditions are created for increased knowledge of, and interest in, finance among the students at the business school.

Douglas has also worked actively to improve the gender balance both in UA's activities and in its local board. By trying out events for female students only the gender balance among attendees has improved and the work has also yielded concrete results through a more equal representation on the board.

Said about Douglas:

"Douglas has demonstrated a high level of professionalism, curiosity, lack of prestige, good fellowship and networking. Through solid schoolwork combined with an active non-profit and commercial commitment, he contributes daily to the development of the education offered at USBE. Douglas has proudly become involved as chairman of Unga Aktiesparare. He is a real role model and a true ambassador for USBE locally as well as nationally and internationally!"

"Through his commitment, Douglas has worked over the years to spread his knowledge to other students, which is very inspiring"

Douglas about the award:

– I am proud and honored to be the recipient of the award from the USBE Alumni Foundation's scholarship and humbled by the classmates who took the time to nominate me. It means a lot and is the ultimate proof that what you have done alongside your studies has left a positive impression.

– It has been 4 intense and educational years at the business school and I am grateful for all the friends made along the way and the predecessors who paved the way before me. To current and future students, make the most of the time, get involved in something meaningful and have a blast.