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Published: 2022-03-28

How are you feeling, as a student? Participate in our health survey!

NEWS All undergraduate programme students who are currently studying semester 1 will receive a health survey via email on 5 April. It is part of an international WHO project in which the university is participating.

Text: Annica Höglund

Life as a student can be great and exciting, but sometimes involves situations that may appear tough or demanding. At times, you may need support in how to handle things.

In order for the university to have better opportunities to offer you the right support when you need it, we are participating in a project about, and for, students' mental health, which is run by the World Health Organization WHO.

How you can contribute

As a first step, we need to know how our students actually are feeling and if the health situation changes during the study period. Therefore, we hope that you who are currently doing your first semester in an undergraduate study programme, will fill in the health questionnaire that will be sent as a link in an email on 5 April. The sender of the email will be the "Swedish WHO-WMH-ICS survey".

Preliminarily on March 30, you will also receive an email with initial information about the project and the health survey.

The questionnaire contains questions about your physical and mental health. Regardless of how you feel when you receive the survey, your answers are very valuable to us so that we will be able to develop helpful forms of support for our students.

About the project

The survey is part of the global research project "World Health Organization (WHO) World Mental Health International College Student Initiative (WMH-ICS)". Umeå University participates together with several universities in Sweden and in about 20 countries around the world. The long-term project goal is to prevent mental illness in students.

Do you want more information?

Find out more about the project at www.umu.se/en/student/we-can-assist-you/who-project-about-mental-health.