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Published: 09 Dec, 2021

How the new COVID measures affect students

NEWS The communicable disease control measures that took effect in Sweden on 8 December do not affect teaching at Umeå University, which can still be conducted on site. However, as a student, you must again be careful to maintain distance and stay at home if you have symptoms.

Text: Anna Lawrence

The increased spread of infection and slight increased strain on the healthcare system in Sweden have resulted in the Government introducing new COVID measures that took effect on 8 December, and the Public Health Agency of Sweden has also introduced new guidelines. These state, among other things, that everyone must maintain distance to others in public spaces, and to stay at home and get tested if symptoms arise. At the same time, Swedish universities are recommended to conduct teaching on site.

For students at Umeå University this means that that those parts of your teaching and examination that were planned with physical attendance can be carried out according to plan. However, you must take care to not cause crowding before and after lectures or other activities on campus.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden recommends that everyone above the age of 12 gets vaccinated against COVID-19. The Vaccination Centre on Campus Umeå is still open for both drop in and booked vaccinations. Individuals who have not been vaccinated must take extra responsibility to maintain distance to others and avoid places that are crowded.

If you need to travel to the University by public transport, you can continue to do so, but wear a face mask whilst travelling.

The new national communicable disease control measures have resulted in a revised decision regarding Umeå University, which the Vice-Chancellor adopted on 9 December and is valid until further notice.

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COVID-19 infection control measures as from 8 December (the Public Health Agency of Sweden)

Åtgärdsplan för införande av fler smittskyddsåtgärder från och med 8 december 2021 (Government Offices of Sweden)

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